Break free from the lies you believe about yourself, others, and God.

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What is Sozo?

Meet your Basic Sozo Training Instructors

Author and Speaker

Dawna De Silva

Dawna De Silva is the founder and co-leader with Teresa Liebscher of the International Bethel Sozo Ministry. She and her husband, Stephen De Silva, have ministered from Bethel for the past twenty years as well as preaching, speaking, and authoring books. Whether training in Sozo, preaching, shifting atmospheres, or ministering prophetically, Dawna releases people, churches, and cities into new vision and freedom.

Author and Speaker

Teresa Liebscher

Teresa Liebscher is a co-leader of the Bethel Sozo ministry headquarters at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. She is also the founder and leader of the Shabar ministry. Teresa travels the world training, mentoring and ministering in both Bethel Sozo and the Shabar ministries. Her passion in ministry is to help people build a healthy, relational connection with each member of the Trinity.

Course curriculum

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    4 DOORS

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    Q & A

    • Session 1 - Feb 10

    • Session 2 - Feb 25

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    Bonus Q & A

    • Warring with Wisdom - April 21, 2022

Add Team Members

For just $10 a person, you can add additional team members to the training. This gives your partners access to a coupon, which they will use to log into the ecourse for free. Log-in instructions are provided upon checkout. If you have any questions, check out the FAQ below.

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  • Is there a discount available for church teams or groups who want to watch the e-course together?

    Yes! One person can purchase the course at regular price, then pay $10 per additional team member (via the "Add Team Members" section). Log-in instructions will be provided upon payment via a separate page. (We recommend you copy and paste this information and send it to your partners for easy log-in.) If you have any issues, email [email protected]

  • Do I have lifetime access to this course?

    Added team members (those who were added via the $10 each discount) get 3 months access. Everyone else gets lifetime access.

  • Are the sessions pre-recorded?

    Yes! Each session has been pre-recorded and stored on this site, so you can watch at any time.

  • How long is each video session?

    The average length is around 45 mins.

  • Do I need to purchase a manual?

    No. A PDF version of the manual is included in the ecourse (broken up by section). Hard copies can be purchased through Bethel's online store.

  • Is there a recommended meeting frequency when this class is done in a group setting?

    Not really. Some people meet every week and do a chapter/section together. Others meet more sporadically. It's up to however teams like to organize it.

  • Does completing this ecourse certify me to be a Sozo practioner?

    Sadly, no. Anyone is welcome to use the Sozo tools. However, if you wish to be a part of our Sozo Network and use the terms "Bethel" or "Sozo" when promoting your ministry, we ask that you first be released by a Regional Facilitator. You can find a list of RF's at

  • I enrolled in one of your ecourses but never went through the training. Can I get a refund?

    We do offer refunds up to 30 days from the payment date. After 30 days, we are unable to process any refunds. Email Dawna's assistant, Cory, at [email protected] if you need to request a refund.

  • Do you offer any other trainings?

    Yes! We have the Advanced Sozo Training (Part 1) with Dawna De Silva and Yvonne Martinez. The Advanced Sozo Training (Part 2), also called the Shabar E-course, can be found on Teresa's website: