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The Founder of Financial Sozo

Financial Coach

Stephen K. De Silva

Stephen K. De Silva began his professional career in 1985 as a certified public accountant. From 1995 until 2017, he ran a niche accountancy corporation specializing in nonprofit accounting and ministerial income tax preparation, while simultaneously leading a growing team as chief financial officer and member of the senior leadership team at Bethel Church of Redding. After years of working with clients, Stephen discovered a key to success. Beginning with five basic principles, Stephen created Prosperous Soul Ministries, today’s seminal voice in the subjects of financial capacity, wealth, poverty, and greed. The goal of these materials: To make the world richer by collapsing the orphan mindset over money. Stephen’s unique blend of experience, training, and gifting make him a pioneer expert at the subject of money. Today, Stephen releases momentum and generosity to replace financial trauma, confusion, and fear.

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Meet the Team

Deborah Enomoto

Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator

Deborah Enomoto is a Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator and a Bethel Transformation Center Pastoral Counselor for Bethel Sozo and Shabar, as well as pastoral counseling for boundaries and interpersonal relationships. She is passionate about helping people secure their connection to God so that they can access God's intentions and strategies for understanding their identity in Him in order to apprehend and steward the prosperity God has for them. She holds a BA in Computer Science with a focus on Business Administration, a Master Certification for Project Management, a Graduate of 3 years of the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and is a Certified trainer for Sozo Basic and Sozo Advanced Ministry. In her free time, Deborah loves to work on home improvement projects, especially painting.

Liz Gregg

Financial Sozo Director, UK

Liz is the Financial Sozo Director in the UK and a Core Team member of Stephen K. De Silva Ministries. Liz is a Bethel Sozo facilitator and trainer, leads a church with her husband and runs a supernatural school. Liz loves to see people being set free and living in the destiny that God has for them. Liz co - authored Sozo for Couples and is a passionate speaker. Liz loves spending time with her family and walking in the Yorkshire Dales.

Nick Nicholson

Financial Sozo Deputy Director, UK

Nick is the UK Financial Sozo Deputy Director, and is a Core Team Member of Stephen's ministry. He is the Director of Lovers and Leaders ministry which, as well as focusing on Financial Sozos, specializes on Kingdom entrepreneurship. Until recently he was an elder of Kingdom Life Church in Northampton, UK. As an entrepreneur he founded and led 3 successful companies. He is currently writing a book about Kingdom entrepreneurship and is passionate about seeing people living their life in Jesus to the full. Now retired from active consultancy he enjoys spending more time with his grandchildren, travelling and enjoying music and reading.

Andy Frasure

Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator

Andy Frasure is a Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator and an Entrepreneur. He has started various businesses and is the Pastor of Younity Church in Florianópolis, Brazil with his wife Kesia who is the Regional Facilitator of Bethel SOZO ministry in Brazil. He is an international speaker and travels frequently preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Andy is passionate about see people succeed in business and ministry and helping them thrive financially and spiritually. He desires to see healthy believers that make an impact on the world through love and extravagant generosity. After serving as a Marine Corps Scout Sniper, he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Entrepreneurship. Andy spends his free time surfing and exploring our beautiful world.

Chris and Kathy Steffan

Satellite Leaders for Financial Sozo, Canada

Chris and Kathy are Financial Sozo Core Team Members and the Satellite Leaders for Financial Sozo in Canada. Through their company, Biblical Finance, they empower people to develop a lifestyle for purpose-driven finances. They specialize in training and equipping people who want to get better results and make a difference with their finances, time, and talents. Financial Sozo sessions can be stand-alone or they can be part of a powerful combination of Financial Literacy training, Financial Sozo, and Coaching. Chris and Kathy customize what they offer to suit your situation, your uniqueness, the way you think, and your personality style. Their method of bringing people freedom in their finances is a wholistic approach and calls out the gold in everyone they serve. Chris and Kathy have been teaching personal finances since 2014 and run both private coaching and an on-line group coaching program based on Prosperous Soul concepts. Chris is a Mechanical Engineer and Kathy ran a graphic design company for over 17 years. They love camping, road trips, and making memories with their 3 amazing children.

Humberto Martuscelli

Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator

Humberto Martuscelli holds a BSc. of IT and is Senior Pastor at "El Almendro" Church in Mexico City. Founder and CEO of Ezertek which is an IT firm, and Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator. His passion is to innovate and be a facilitator to incubate people's dreams with a renewed kingdom mind. He has been awarded recognitions for technological innovation and ventures in Mexico and Spain. Main Hobbies are Golf, Tennis, Reading and family time

Claudia Trinidad

Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator

Claudia holds an international degree in Policy Management from the University of Applied Science in Bremen-Germany, where she acquired the understanding of legal, administrative, social, historical and economic international contexts. Currently, she is leading the Purpose driven Prosperity Ministry in El Almendro Church in Mexico and advises PAG (a consultancy firm) on international matters. She is passionate about teaching and coaching Business people on the Kingdom principles. She is also a Certified Financial Sozo Facilitator. She enjoys playing board games with her family; reading, writing and doing prayer walks.

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