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  • Works for any business - use the 4x4 Sweep to find hidden cash in all 4 areas of your organization's economy.

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Stephen K. De Silva

Stephen K. De Silva began his professional career in 1985 as a certified public accountant. From 1995 until 2017, he ran a niche accountancy corporation specializing in nonprofit accounting and ministerial income tax preparation, while simultaneously leading a growing team as chief financial officer and member of the senior leadership team at Bethel Church of Redding. After years of working with clients, Stephen discovered a key to success. Beginning with five basic principles, Stephen created Prosperous Soul Ministries, today’s seminal voice in the subjects of financial capacity, wealth, poverty, and greed. The goal of these materials: To make the world richer by collapsing the orphan mindset over money. Stephen’s unique blend of experience, training, and gifting make him a pioneer expert at the subject of money. Today, Stephen releases momentum and generosity to replace financial trauma, confusion, and fear.

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Washington DC

"Stephen's books are great. He's a fun and interesting speaker as well."


Freeport, IL

"My wife and I just received your curriculum for the prosperous soul and will be leading our discipleship group through it in a couple of weeks. Very excited!"


Sunland, CA

"Through [Stephen's] course, I got breakthrough in my thinking, which led to a change in my actions and behaviors. And now I'm on my way to building wealth... Stephen's videos, wisdom and manuals helped me in my journey to get the freedom I knew was available. THANK YOU!!"


Chicago, IL

"I very much enjoyed [Stephen's] class and am looking forward to continuing my journey

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